Now that I have a web page, what is next?

•    Create a catchy front page that loads quickly, holds people’s attention and delivers important information to my target audience
•    Build additional pages, linked to that front page, that present any and all detailed information I want my target audience to have available.
•    Find out how people looking for my services or products look for those services and get a link to my web page included (Chamber of commerce website, Google entry, yahoo entry, facebook page, etc.).
•    Look for associations dealing with or recommending the services I provide and share links with them (you may have to join) and ask them to promote my business and my website.
•    Update my website.  Make sure the website has new content weekly or monthly.  Keep all information on the site current.  This keeps you high on the search engines’ lists.
•    Consider some advertising campaigns and register with the search engines.
•    Take control of your page listings with the various search engines or get them to create a listing if they don’t already have one for you.  Create a facebook page for your business; use their advertising mechanisms and link to your web page.