About Benediktson Computer, Inc.

Benediktson Computer, Inc (BCI). is a small family run business.  We were incorporated in January of 1996 and have been serving Bozeman, Montana and the surrounding area continuously since then.  We specialize in helping small businesses and individuals use modern electronics to assist them and their business.  Primarily, the business has been built up through on-site service and personal support.  We also assemble and setup custom computers for clients; complete with personal tutorials, software configuration, printer and camera setup, or whatever it takes to get the equipment working smoothly for the client.  As internet service providers have not advanced email and hosting services with the market, 4 years ago we started providing websites and email services to our clients.  Originally, the majority of our efforts included equipment maintenance and repair and we still provide those services; primarily for Windows based systems.

A little about Benediktson Computer, Inc. (BCI); BCI is composed of my wife (Karen), my daughter (Anna), and I (John).  My wife Karen and I are in the process of becoming snowbirds with Silver City, New Mexico being our primary winter residence and Bozeman, Montana being our primary summer residence.  Naturally, we will be traveling back and forth a bit in the summers and hope to do much of our customer support using remote access, phone support, and other distance coping abilities.
Our fees are based on time and materials with initial consultations and site surveys generally at no charge and actual service, upgrades, repairs billed at $85 / hr in 6 minute increments.  Within Grant county we don’t charge for travel to your site; only for the productive time spent in your service.  Over the years we have developed access to a number of suppliers for materials and when local suppliers can’t provide materials at a competitive price, will provide those materials as needed to our clients at nationally competitive rates.